Our favourites from 2016

This year's Pets Make a Home competition was hugely successful, with over 7,000 entries and nearly 76,000 votes – and it’s no surprise, because Britain is a nation of animal lovers with almost half of the UK’s households having a pet. 

Here are a few of our favourite entries from this year...

Bird Halo and Harley - Owner  Sarah lycett
Dog - Teddy - Owner Keddy Knight
Bunny - Orlando - Owner Kathryn Greensmith
Day 9 - Cat Suki - Owner Sophie
Dog - Saskia - Owner Sharon reay
Hedgehog Hendrix  - Owner Kirsten English
Cat Jasper  - Owner rachael morgan
Bird Mazie - Owner Rebecca Hartill-Speak
Hamster - Bugsby - Owner Amber Girling
Bunny - Honey Bunny - Owner Georgie Moon
Day 17 - Rabbit Fudge - Owner Louise Kitchen