Sustainable living

We work with local communities to create sustainable developments that future generations can enjoy – and we hear some fascinating and inspirational stories in the process.

Landscaping on a Taylor Wimpey development

Sustainable living means that what we do and how we live today should not leave our children unable to achieve a similar quality of life in the future. We aim to develop communities that are environmentally, socially and economically balanced to ensure that they can thrive and be prosperous.

This gives us some fascinating insights into how we can all live more sustainably, and in this part of our website we'll share some of these inspiring stories with you.

From profiles of cutting edge, energy saving technology, to easy "do it yourself" ideas for you to put into practice in your own home, we'll be sharing our stories of how new communities are setting the benchmark for sustainable living.

If you'd like more information on Taylor Wimpey's sustainability strategy, take a look at our most recent Sustainability Report.

What is sustainability?

Think about sustainability and you might think it's just about making some "green" choices. Well, there's more to it than that!

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