How To Throw The Perfect Street Party

That’s right, the great British street party has been bringing neighbours together from as early as 1919, when they were thrown as a treat for children after World War One. Now, they’re a wonderful way to bring families and the friendly-faces-from-over-the-road together.

We’re excited to be planning our own street parties up and down the UK this year, celebrating our 130 years of building homes and creating communities. And if you want to join in the fun and create an event to bring your community together too, then rally the neighbours, string the bunting up, and take a look at our guide for throwing a bash on your doorstep - cream teas and all.

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You ideally want to hold a street party without the worry of traffic, so a closed road or cul-de-sac are perfect options. Bear in mind that depending on where you hold your street party you may need to check in with your local council and let them know too. Take a look at to find out it you need to include this step.

Another idea would be to gather on front gardens and driveways as this won’t require council permission and it can be a fun and informal way to bring everybody together.



Thanks to the spontaneity of the great British weather it’s tricky to plan for a scorching street party however, a weekend in May - the month bursting with bank holidays - is generally a good bet. Mid-July to September during the kids’ school holidays could also be a perfect time, when BBQs are already fired up.

As for the day itself, a loose schedule can help things run smoothly while accommodating for any party games that could run over. A guide for the day should include when to set up and decorate, when the activities are set to begin, when food will be served, and a rough end time.



You can’t go wrong with a classic party menu of triangle sandwiches, crisps, and sausage rolls - they’re easy to rustle up and are a real crowd-pleaser. Similarly, a cream tea or baking competition are great activities for the day and will provide lots of treats to be enjoyed afterwards. And don’t forget to keep several kettles on, a brew will always be welcomed by guests.

Why not involve the community further - there might be local and independent food businesses or residents who grow veggies in an allotment that’d be happy to provide a bit of catering? Or how about encouraging everybody to bring their own speciality dish? You could have a delicious feast made up of anything from homemade pies to samosas to tapas!



Throwing a raffle, where donations can be made ahead of time, is a great way to involve the wider community by raising money for a local charity. Fancy dress competitions are a sure-fire way to break the ice amongst neighbours who might not know each other very well; simply think of a theme and prep a few fun prizes for the best-dressed! And if there are any artists on your street, see if they’d be interested in setting up a face-painting stall.

Outdoor games and sports day classics like tug of war, an egg-and-spoon race, or a wheelbarrow race are great games to get the whole family involved in. And not only will live music get the party going but if any of your neighbours are musicians then this could be the perfect setting for them to showcase their talents.



When it comes to decorations, the more the merrier we say! Bunting, balloons, and banners are all essentials, and why not make them unique by encouraging the kids to get creative before the big day?

Ask invitees to bring something to sit on - think of it like Christmas where deckchairs sit alongside bar stools. And don’t worry about having one table too high or one too short - throw a couple of tablecloths over the top and cover it with some of that delicious food you’ve got planned and everybody’s happy.

We hope you have a wonderful time at your street party and would love to see photos of the bash! Why not share them with us on Instagram using #TaylorWimpey?