How to organise your loose cables

Every household comes complete with a box full of random cables that, despite many belonging to appliances no longer used, we just can’t seem to part with. So if it’s about time you tidied it up, then we have the perfect trick to make sure it’s a job you’ll only have to do once!

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Avoid getting in a tangle with our top tip...

Keep hold of some finished loo roll holders, as these will come in handy for storing each individual cable, making messy storage boxes a thing of the past!

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After you’ve untangled each cable, ravel it up and stuff it into an empty loo roll holder, ready to be stored in a box. Do this for each one and stack them in neat lines, so that next time you’re searching for that all-important cable (even if you’re not sure which one it is!), the job won’t be too much of a struggle. 

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