How to store your appliances neatly

If you’ve thrown away the boxes for your appliances, but now wish you had a way of storing them neatly, then follow our advice for how you can keep everything in your home stashed away hassle-free.

Don’t just settle for organised chaos in your cupboards or under the bed – ensure everything is kept neat with one simple trick! 

Pic 1 


Ensure everything is kept neat with one simple trick!

Pic 2

Using some sticky back Velcro, stick down a small section onto the back of the plug – this will be used to keep it neatly attached to the appliance.

Pic 3

Wrap the wire round (so you know where it measures up) and apply another piece of Velcro onto the appliance.

Pic 4

Once the Velcro has been applied you can stick it together.

Pic 5

Voila! Store your items away neatly and never stand barefoot on another plug again. 

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