Build Packs

Taylor Wimpey Logistics produces quantified schedules reflecting the specification received from the customer.

In addition to calculating quantities required, products are placed into plot specific schedules consolidating materials to facilitate delivery of those products required to arrive on site together at the relevant stage of build.

Whilst for standard housing packs tend to follow a similar format, as shown below, they can, and are, created specifically to suit an individual project's requirements reflecting build practice and/or type of build, for example Terraces or Apartments, which leads to various configurations of packs themselves as well as content.

Our integrated supply chain management across the UK focuses on leveraging it's scale to improve value and quality from suppliers so in turn it can deliver better value and quality to it's customers.

TWL source bulk materials directly from manufacturers to prepare 'just in time' delivery of build packs for each stage of the building process.

This reduces the amount of stock on site at any one time and together with consolidated ordering, delivery and billing substantially reduces end-to-end costs.

Currently operating out of 65,000 sq.ft warehousing on a 5.5 acre site, Taylor Wimpey Logistics deliver to some 120 sites across England, Scotland and Wales.