What we do

Taylor Wimpey has a range of sites in various stages of development around the country.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics sources bulk materials directly from manufacturers to prepare ‘just in time’ delivery of buildpacks for each stage of the building process.

Buildpacks are scheduled by Taylor Wimpey Logistics by an experienced team from drawings and specifications supplied. Products are quantified and placed into the appropriate pack dependent upon type and method of build and, very often, in discussion with the site teams to reflect any particular needs or constraints of a particular site or development.

Once orders are placed, Taylor Wimpey Logistics ensures, from build programmes supplied, that product will be available as required, accommodating the fluctuations of lead times and availability common place within the building industry, thus avoiding costly delays or re-sourcing for the end user.


Call-offs arrive from site which triggers Taylor Wimpey Logistics to programme the picking, packing and delivering of the required packs, complete and on time.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics also operates a business that specialises in organising bulk product being delivered to site as required by either the house builder themselves or the appointed sub contractor - this operation provides the opportunity for contractors to enjoy the benefits of our purchasing strategies and scale.