Builders Get Advice on Staying Safe in the Sun

Date: Wednesday 01 July 2009

Hundreds of construction workers across the UK are being encouraged to cover up and slap on the sun cream as part of a national sun safety campaign from Taylor Wimpey. Sun safety posters have been put up on developments across the region and the housebuilder has linked up with on-line retailer to offer discounted sun cream for all its employees and contractors working on site.

The initiative comes on the back of recent research which revealed that one in five British men never wear sun cream*.

The sun safety posters, which appear on the company’s Taylor Wimpey, Bryant Homes and George Wimpey new build developments, offer the following advice:

1. Keep your top on

2. Keep your hard hat on

3. Stay in the shade whenever possible and during breaks

4. Use a sunscreen of at least SPF30

5. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration

6. Tell your doctor about any new or changing moles

Ed Woods, Taylor Wimpey’s director of health, safety and environment, comments: “We want all of our people, whether employees or sub-contractors to go home at the end of the day safe and healthy. We’ve been promised a scorcher of a summer this year, so it’s important that people working outside take sensible precautions. The purpose of this campaign is to get people thinking about sun safety and provide advice on some simple steps that they can take to protect themselves.”

Brickie Russell Gibb (pictured right, with Martin Rees) said: “This is a really good idea. To be honest, I think we all know that we should put sun cream on when we’re working outside, but we either don’t think about it or don’t have time. The posters will be a good reminder and the discounted sun cream is an added bonus!”

* Lloyds Pharmacy June 2009