Glastonbury Carnival marches on thanks to donation

Date: Wednesday 12 November 2014

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We are proud to have donated £300 towards the running of the annual Glastonbury Carnival in Somerset.

On Saturday 15th November a staggering 113 floats will take part in the procession, each with a unique theme including: a Viking boat, a robot-inspired Transformers float, a pixie and fairy theme and a design to mark the centenary of the First World War.

Reg Cohen, chairman of the Glastonbury Carnival, says: “This event has been going for over 100 years. It ceased during the war, then was re-established by my wife’s grandfather, and it has been in her family ever since. Last year the police told us we had a crowd of around 100,000 – so we’re definitely still going strong!

“Although it is a fantastic carnival, there are a lot of things that cost money including barriers, insurance, and just general expenditure which amounts to so much, so we’re extremely grateful to have sponsors like Taylor Wimpey on board.

“As well as the floats, we have a procession of vintage cars in the afternoon along the route, where the growing crowd can talk to the owners as a pre-show to the main event.

“The carnival then begins at 7pm, with dozens of floats displaying a variety of original and wonderful themes – this year, around 60 of the designs have huge illuminations with around 30,000 light bulbs each, so it’s certainly something special!

“We really want to thank Taylor Wimpey for sponsoring us, as donations such as these really do keep the carnival going.”

Charlie Joseph, Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey Bristol, says: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be sponsoring the Glastonbury Carnival. As a local housebuilder we are committed to supporting the communities in which we build our new homes and this is a great example of the way we can help local organisations.

“This carnival does a great job in fostering community spirit and we hope this event will be a fantastic event for everyone who attends!”

Glastonbury Carnival will take place on Saturday 15th November at the Northload Roundabout from 7pm, with the procession running to Wirral Park Roundabout, up Magdalene Street and towards the High Street. Further information is available by visiting

There’s currently a selection of two and four-bedroom homes available at Willow Place @ Dunstan Park in Glastonbury.