Over one billion pounds contributed to communities across the UK

Date: Friday 22 December 2017

NEWS - National Built For Campaign

Over the last three years, we have contributed over £1 billion towards improving the communities in which it has built new homes. As a national homebuilder, which has developed over 40,600 new homes in this time, we have supported communities by contributing significant financial sums, in addition to delivering built benefits, helping improve local infrastructure and community facilities.

The financial contributions include an estimated value of £800 million for affordable housing, £15.7 million for highway improvements and £77 million towards the provision of education. In addition to this, we have also contributed £15 million towards public open space, sports pitches and play areas, £3.6 million for leisure facilities, and £6.2 million towards community buildings.

Jennie Daly, UK Planning Director at Taylor Wimpey, said: “We are committed to building high-quality new homes and making sure that our developments are sustainable and positively contribute to local communities. Education, transport infrastructure and community facilities are all among the areas that benefit from planning contributions, and we are delighted to be providing these facilities as part of our developments.”

As one of the UK’s largest homebuilders, we are committed to providing communities across the UK with infrastructure and facilities as part of its planning agreement with local authorities.