Take a peek at Keyhole Conundrum

Date: Friday 09 May 2014


Fancy yourself as a seasoned globe-trotter? Put your knowledge to the test in our new interactive game! Keyhole Conundrum presents you with a variety of snapshots from famous locations around the world, viewed through a keyhole. Score points by correctly naming the location from a choice of four - but there's a limited time to guess and the quicker you answer, the more points you get.

Some of the pictures might surprise you: while we all know what the Eiffel Tower looks like from a distance, it can be a different matter altogether when you're seeing a detail of it up close, and through a keyhole. It's not just famous landmarks either: the interiors of well-known stores, museums and even the tech world's biggest data centres are all in the mix.

Each time you play you're given five locations, and there's a total of 5,000 points to be had - so take a peek through the keyhole and get guessing! You can also share the results on Facebook and Twitter and see if you're quicker off the mark than your friends. Can you get a perfect score? Play now