We celebrate Scottish National Apprenticeship Week

Date: Tuesday 03 March 2020

Scots NAW

Scottish Apprentice Week is in full swing this week, which gives some of our young Scottish apprentices the opportunity to share their career highlights so far.  We are really proud of them and we hope they inspire you to consider the housebuilding industry – there are just so many opportunities to explore.



Andrew Mills, Apprentice Bricklayer


I am a 4th-year Apprentice Bricklayer and I started working for Taylor Wimpey in August 2016. I am currently attending Clydebank College as part of my apprenticeship.  I work at many of our developments across the west of Scotland, which gives me the ideal balance between classroom learning, theory work and the benefit of getting hands-on experience required to get the best training for the job.

I work with experienced tradesmen who spend time teaching me everything that  I need to know to become a quality bricklayer. Since I started working with Taylor Wimpey my interest and ability in bricklaying has grown greatly.



Naomi Sturdy, Engineer Management Trainee


I started working at Taylor Wimpey in 2018 as an Engineer Management Trainee just after I graduated from university. Since then I have had the support from the engineers I work alongside to learn and progress my knowledge and skills. Every few months I attend Management Trainee Skill Workshops which allows me to get an understanding of the wider business and different roles. The Skill Workshops gives me the chance to network with fellow Management Trainees from all over the UK. 

I have recently started rotating around other departments which is a good way to help me learn the overall process of the business and the Taylor Wimpey culture.

Currently I attend university 1 day a week studying Civil Engineering. This allows me to extend my education alongside getting the hands on experience within my role that will help develop my future career with Taylor Wimpey.



Alison Maxwell, Graduate Management Trainee


I joined Taylor Wimpey in 2018 on the General Graduate Scheme and over the last two years, I have spent time in each of our different business departments in four regional offices from Edinburgh to Milton Keynes. As a result, I have had exposure to so many different areas of the business and I have been given the opportunity to contribute to a wide range of different projects and join Taylor Wimpey committees. At present, my day-to-day role on-site involves programming of trades, health and safety management and handling challenges as they arise. 

Each quarter, I attend various Skills Camp training sessions that are focused on key areas of the business such as emotional intelligence, leadership, collaboration and commercial awareness. Putting these skills into practice, I’ve been involved in helping a charity facilitate a digital marketing campaign and investigate our business model to aid in business improvement. I have recently completed a project management qualification supported by Taylor Wimpey.

What I love most about my role is the variety each day, from being in meetings in the office, being on-site, and attending various projects/conferences –every day brings a new challenge and a fresh perspective!



Ryan Smeaton, Technical Management Trainee


I started working at Taylor Wimpey in 2018 as a Management Trainee Architect. Since then my development has excelled as a result of becoming more involved with major projects which are led by experienced project Architects.

As a Management Trainee, every three months I am given the opportunity to attend Skills Workshops related to my current role and career development.  I transfer these skills into my job which encourages me to think ‘outside the box’ and address problems in new and different ways.

I currently attend college one day a week which gives the perfect balance of learning in the classroom and hands-on experience.  I feel this gives me the best style of training to further progress my career within Taylor Wimpey at a faster rate.