How The Way We Live Is Changing

Date: Wednesday 30 September 2009

We’ve all seen a change in recent months in the economy and the way we live in the short term. This is evident in the rise of supermarket giants Aldi and Lidl, who have been spurred by changing consumer behaviour and the need to reduce costs whilst experiencing a new way of shopping.

But changes to the way in which we live and our requirements in our homes have been evolving gradually for decades. For instance our attitudes towards green issues have changed drastically and we have become much more aware of the energy and resources we use. Our lives are far busier than even one decade ago, let alone two and our requirements for the perfect home have also changed.

At Taylor Wimpey we’ve been aware of these changing needs and our new homes are designed to take into account these new aspects of modern living.

Our architects strive to design new homes that make the most of living space, family movement and storage within the home. Living spaces are often designed to be multi functional with open plan kitchens and family rooms and those all important en-suites that mean sharing a bathroom is a thing of the past.

Our new homes are now more energy efficient than ever meaning that new home purchasers not only save money on bills but also take a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions. In fact, many of our new build developments are taking advantage of new technologies such as air source heat pumps that create significant carbon savings.

The environments of our developments are also important to us and we carefully plan to make the most of open spaces that create a pleasurable location to live in and where possible we try to enhance the local community.

So, will the way we live change ever more rapidly in the future? We think so and that’s why we constantly consider the range of new homes that we build and the way in which we build them.

So why not take advantage of these benefits and search for a new home today.