Interview with a Showhome Designer

Date: Wednesday 04 November 2009

Tristan Evans is a director of Show Business Interiors who have been designing beautiful show homes all over the country for Taylor Wimpey for many years, this year alone he has designed over 120. We asked him about the art of designing a good show home.

The best show homes are the ones that people viewing a house could move straight into as their dream home.” said Tristan, “They are crucial in demonstrating how a house becomes a home – sounds corny but true. Also they serve a very useful purpose in that they are spatially planned to show the best layout for the furniture throughout.”

A showhome enables you as a customer to imagine the property as a real living space and can help you to understand how you could live there.

“A showhome offers a great range of tips and ideas – on how space should be used generally – if you are hunting for tips – look at the lighting – we invest a lot of time in the choice of overhead and side lighting and it is often underrated in it’s importance but makes a huge difference to the feel of a house.”

“The current fashions are rich purples and pinks, often against metallics and contrasting surfaces and textures. Technology is still a really strong catalyst in home design, think Apple tech and audio/visual media suites and their influence on furniture design – it is becoming prolific. Our show homes include a wide range of cultural references – I don’t mean the Tate Modern either – we take our cues from everyday life, TV shows and high street styles – show homes aren’t meant to be intimidating they are meant to be inviting, across a whole spectrum of tastes.

We asked Tristan whether he had any decorating tips that can help you settle into your new home.

“Keep to a light neutral colour for the most part in your reception rooms and hall, stairs and landing areas with bright lighting richer colours work better in dinning and bedrooms to create a more opulent feel – lighting can be more ‘moody’ in these rooms. Our design process starts with fabrics, then wallpapers followed by furniture and styling but this is a bit unrealistic in everyday life – take your time and involve the whole family – the more input, the better reflection of the character of the people who live there – that’s what makes a great home.”

Whenever you visit a development, be sure to take a look around the showhomes, a lot of effort is put into making them just right and they can act as inspiration for you and your new home.