Keep your home secure this summer holiday

Date: Tuesday 17 June 2014

National - Home Security web

We are encouraging homeowners to make sure their home is safe and secure as the summer holiday season approaches.

Police forces across the country say burglaries increase during the summer months when home security is sometimes overlooked, and we are offering some helpful advice on guarding your house against crime:

• Never leave windows open when you leave the house, even for a short time. This is an open invitation to burglars to help themselves to your valuables.

• Don’t forget to make sure windows and doors are secure even when you are at home. It only takes a second for someone to get into your home and take things without you noticing.

• Keep all wallets, purses, credit cards, car keys and other valuables out of sight to avoid temptation for would-be burglars.

• Keep your gardening tools securely locked away and out of sight in a shed or a garage when they’re not being used. Tools can be used by potential intruders to break into your home.

• If you’re going on holiday, ask a trusted neighbour to help keep your house safe while you’re away. Ask them to park their car on your driveway, open and close the curtains each day, and pick up your post from the doormat. 

• Before you go away, don’t advertise the fact you’re going on holiday on social networking sites, or even when cancelling the newspaper delivery at the newsagents – you never know who could be looking or listening.

Our homes benefit from a range of security features as standard to give homebuyers peace of mind as they enjoy a family day out or a much-needed holiday this summer.

Our properties are fitted with lockable UPVC double glazed windows, while high-quality locks and doors are fitted to all homes.

Kevin Belsham, UK Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey, says: “A house is supposed to be your safe haven, and our customers want peace of mind knowing that their family home is well protected against a potential burglary.

“The security features of our new-build properties mean purchasers can look forward to a relaxing summer, safe in the knowledge that their home enjoys excellent protection.” 

Homeowners can find out more about how to protect their property this summer by watching a special video which is available to view here.