You ll get the Power at Taylor Wimpey s Gilbertfield

Date: Friday 08 April 2011

Customers to Taylor Wimpey West Scotland’s Gilbertfield development in Cambuslang can make an income from their property by choosing one of the 23 homes fitted with solar PV panels – generating power to the occupants as well as money in their pockets when they supply extra power they don’t need back to the national grid!

Solar electricity systems generate power from daylight, and the solar PV panels on 23 homes at Gilbertfield have each been fitted to south facing roofs. The solar electric tiles are integrated into the roof in order to generate electricity from daylight, and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. A small inverter connects to a fuse box and converts the solar electricity for use within the home, therefore saving the homeowner money on electricity bills, whilst a mains connection and monitor allows any excess power to be sold back to the electricity company.

It’s a win-win opportunity that might give customers the power to make their move to this stunning development that sits on East Greenlees Road in Cambuslang as Susan McDonald, sales manager explains: “We’ve already sold eight properties that have the solar PV panels fitted and customers are telling us they’re in-line to make quite significant amounts of money. We estimate that clients would save £150* per year on their bills, but they could generate an income of around £505* per year based on what they receive back from the electricity company – so that’s an impressive £655* per year. And based on these average figures they’d also save the equivalent CO2 emissions of driving 1,300km in a standard family car.

"Plus, Taylor Wimpey will also assist customers with their move with a variety of incentive schemes such as part-exchange or Easymover which are both designed to take the stress out a move.

“With the chance to reduce your overall carbon-footprint and that of the development, make some cash and make use of our expertise to get you on the move– there are plenty of compelling reasons to check out the remaining homes we have at Gilbertfield!”

Inspired by Gilbertfield Castle - a ruined early 17th century castle that’s located nearby on Dechmont Hill – Taylor Wimpey’s Gilbertfield development features a choice of 44 family homes in Cambuslang, on the south-eastern outskirts of Glasgow and within an easy travelling distance of the city centre. There’s a mix of 42 four bedroom detached homes, as well as 2 three bedroom semi detached family homes for customers to choose from. Four bedroom detached homes currently start from £205,000.

* Figures based on assuming 0.568 kg CO2 per kWh of electricity, electricity price of 13p/kWh and 189g CO2/km emissions in a Ford Mondeo. Buyers who purchase plots with solar PV panels at Gilbertfield benefit from the Feed-In Tariff (also known as the Clean Energy Cashback scheme), which pays home-owners money for generating electricity from the solar panels. The current feed-in tariff for new homes is set at 36.1p per unit generated. Home owners save money by not needing to buy as much electricity, and home owners will also receive an additional payment of 3p for the units they export to the grid. Payments are guaranteed by law for 25 years, and payments will rise with inflation.