Back To School In Penicuik

Date: Thursday 30 March 2017

WEB IR01066

As part of Mauricewood Primary School’s project to understand more about the area of Penicuik, Scotland, we were invited to provide the children with an insight into our upcoming development of new homes at Greenlaw Mill on the outskirts the town.

An informative question and answer session was held at the school, with questions from both classes fielded to our Production Manager, Steven Campbell. He explains: “I’ve really enjoyed this opportunity to engage with the children at Mauricewood Primary School on their project to understand more about the local area – past, present and in the future. The children were well prepared and each class had some engaging questions for me to answer.

“Our neighbouring development, Greenlaw Mill, will create change across the local landscape in many ways. Our Q&A session with the children was a great opportunity for us to highlight the work that is underway locally and the positive effect that it will have. It was also a good time for the children to consider how the changes may affect them – including new families and children joining their community.”

With construction of new homes now underway at Greenlaw Mill, it was the ideal time to further promote the dangers associated with playing near any construction site, as Steven adds: “Whenever we have the opportunity to visit local schools or community groups we always aim to raise awareness of the need to be extra vigilant as the construction activity on site continues.  

“Our local Site Manager, Allan Anderson, and our health and safety consultant have already been to Mauricewood Primary School to remind everyone just how important it is for children to stay away from building sites. My latest visit gave me the chance to remind the children that building sites are not playgrounds!”

Jenna Lamb, Class Teacher at Mauricewood Primary School, says: “I was delighted that Steven from Taylor Wimpey took the opportunity to come into school to give us an insight into the development that’s being built not far from us here at Mauricewood Primary. 

“Our topic is learning more about Penicuik, including land uses past and present, and therefore it has been very helpful for our project that Taylor Wimpey could facilitate a visit to our school to help the children understand more about the development of new homes, and the changes that it will bring. We had lots of questions as part of our session with Taylor Wimpey and Steven’s input was really useful.”