Cash boost supports primary school scheme

Date: Wednesday 25 November 2015

Taylor Wimpey - West Point - Storytelling Chair Donation WEB

St Mary’s Church of England Primary School in Purton, Swindon, has received a cash boost from us to support their initiative to improve reading.

Our Bristol team, which is currently building high-quality homes at West Point at Ridgeway Farm on the edge of the village, donated £200 to the school to purchase a storytelling chair that’s been installed in their woodland area.

Vanessa Robinson, treasurer of the school’s PTA, says: “The new chair is a rustic wooden throne with a high back and arms, surrounded by semi-circular benches so pupils can sit around and enjoy listening to a teacher, a visitor or fellow pupil during story-time.

“It has been installed in the woodland area just next to the playground, which has trees, logs and more habitat areas.”

The school’s headteacher, Naomi Clarke, came up with the idea of a storytelling chair as a way of encouraging the pupils to read more.

Vanessa says: “The school has engaged in an initiative to really push reading skills, and we’re taking part in lots of different projects to get the children more involved.

“We’ve had activities such as older pupils reading to younger year groups, children from senior schools coming in to read to our pupils, plus we’ve had authors visiting the school and we’ve purchased new books for the library, so the children have more up to date literature.

“The children really enjoy these activities and it’s improved the reading level across the entire school, so Taylor Wimpey’s donation for the storytelling chair will be really beneficial.

“The storytelling chair is a wonderful facility that pupils in all year groups can enjoy. It’s an effective way of making reading more interesting, as we’re taking pupils outside to a new learning environment and doing things a little differently.

“We’d like to say a big thank you to Taylor Wimpey for their generous donation – it’s greatly appreciated and will be put to good use!”

There’s a stunning selection of three-bedroom homes currently available at West Point at Ridgeway Farm.