Construction site is turned to classroom for pupils

Date: Friday 25 November 2016

WEB Pupils from White Laith Primary had a lovely time visiting Taylor Wimpey

Year two pupils from White Laith Primary School in Leeds enjoyed a visit to our Sycamore Park development in Whinmoor recently, following a successful trip last year.

The children were invited back for a day of learning about site safety, as well as a tour of what it’s like to be on a live construction site, to help support the school’s curriculum programme.

Keith Chester, Site Administrator for Taylor Wimpey Yorkshire, says: “As a responsible homebuilder, with a commitment to health and safety, it’s so important that we teach younger generations about how to stay safe.”

The tour covered topics such as staying safe in the home, and what to do should the children ever find themselves on a construction site – where there can be hazards at every turn. The pupils were able to take away vital information that complemented their current topic work on buildings.

Keith concludes: “Making these sessions as interactive as possible is one of the best ways we can help young people to learn about health and safety, which is why we hold so many presentations and site visits.

“The pupils from White Laith School had such a lovely time when they came to visit last year, so we were only too happy to invite them back. We all had a brilliant day, and look forward to working with the school again in the future.”

There’s currently a choice of four bedroom homes available at Sycamore Park.