Donation helps primary school improve safety

Date: Thursday 02 February 2017

WEB Taylor Wimpey - Mawsley School Road Banner - JAN17

Mawsley Community Primary School in Northamptonshire was pleased to receive a cash boost from us to support an initiative to improve road safety.

Our East Midlands team, which was heavily involved in developing the Mawsley community and is currently building high-quality new homes across the county, donated £500 to the school to help raise awareness of road issues and implement safety measures in the local area.

Pat Downing, Chair of Governors at Mawsley Primary School, says: “Our roads are not yet adopted by Northamptonshire County Council, which means at the moment they do not take responsibility for them.

“Mawsley has grown over the past 14 years and we are always concerned about road safety issues both in the village and surrounding the school, so we turned to Taylor Wimpey for help.”

The school worked alongside our East Midlands Technical Director Chris Leeson and Phil Brown, from JPP Consulting, to determine if any traffic calming measures or crossing points can be introduced.

A number of investigations were undertaken – including a site-wide performance report by JPP Consulting, vehicle speed surveys within the village and a road safety audit undertaken by independent representatives of the highways authority – which have confirmed the robust nature of the existing road pattern and design.

Although the investigations have determined that safety improvements to the roads are not required in Mawsley, we have made the donation in support of the school’s own efforts to promote road safety.

Pat says: “Over time Chris and Phil have met us, listened to us and have even gone the extra mile to organise an additional road safety audit to be carried out, to help our understanding of the situation.

“We accepted the findings of the audit and the District and County council stated that we do not meet the highway authority’s criteria for a school crossing or other road safety measures at this moment in time but we will keep our eye on the situation.”

Elaine Wright, headteacher at Mawsley Primary School, says: “As a goodwill gesture, Taylor Wimpey offered the school £500 to support other work we are undertaking to further improve road safety and to continue raising awareness of its importance.

“The Governors continue to look at different ways this might be done and we continue to work with the council, the police and local authority to promote road safety, with a new initiative called ‘speed watch’ currently under discussion.”

Chris and Phil have also passed on other innovative ideas that are utilised by other schools to improve road safety, such as using signage, and the pupils have designed road safety banners which are strategically placed for all to see.

The children also make regular patrols to check how road safety aware the parents, carers and villagers are, while the Governors hand out polite reminder notes about parking.

“We really appreciate Taylor Wimpey’s donation,” adds Elaine. “They understand that this is not just a housing estate – Mawsley has a heart and energy and lots of hopes for the future, including being able to use a school crossing.”