Local school children visit Dargavel Village

Date: Wednesday 19 February 2014

TWWS Dargavel Visit web

Taylor Wimpey welcomed the class of Primary 5 from St John Bosco Primary in Erskine to Dargavel Village, Bishopton as they begin a local study project where they are learning about proposed land use development. 

The visit was the perfect start to the children’s project to allow them to see first-hand the transformation that is already underway at the development near Bishopton, whilst also having the opportunity to understand a bit more about the future vision for this significant area of land.

We were delighted to help the children with their project, and impressed by how much the children already knew.  

During the visit, site manager Paul Cunningham also took the opportunity to alert the children to the dangers of playing near a construction site. 

This is always an important message to share with any visiting school as Steven Laurie, Production Director of Taylor Wimpey West Scotland explains: “The children’s visit served as the perfect reminder for the children that building sites are not playgrounds. Adopting a proactive approach with schools like St John Bosco Primary allows us to reinforce just how important it is for children to stay away from our Dargavel Village construction sites – especially as we have increased activity with two live developments underway.

“This project trip was a great first-hand learning experience for the children to be able to share our vision for Dargavel Village, and begin to appreciate the overall masterplan that will be delivered here.  

“The children had the opportunity to explore many of their project themes around land use, and judging by the variety of questions the team answered, it has certainly been a positive learning experience for them to see such an incredible transformation for themselves.” 

Tracey Delaney, Principal Teacher from St John Bosco Primary School who was involved in the planning for the trip, said: “I was delighted that Taylor Wimpey was able to provide such a valuable insight into their development at Dargavel Village. Viewing the development under construction has allowed the children to see how this local land is being transformed for future use, and it has been an incredibly interesting and relevant visit which has enhanced the pupils’ learning in social studies.  

“The development of new homes at Dargavel Village is well underway, so our visit was perfectly timed to remind the children of the potential dangers of playing near the Dargavel Village development, and of course this is a very important message that we will share with the rest of our children in school.”