Primary School pupils get a lesson at our Calderwood development

Date: Thursday 07 November 2019

TWES News Story

Youngsters from the Primary 3 class from St Paul’s Primary School Children in East Calder have been given an exciting opportunity to see the new homes that are under construction at our Calderwood development as part of their project to learn more about what the Romans have done for us and their influence in house design, roads and sewage that is still used in modern construction.

Our East Scotland team were more than happy to facilitate the visit as Eddie McCann, Site Manager at Calderwood adds: “We really enjoyed meeting the children from St Paul’s Primary School and to facilitate their visit to the development.  By providing an insight into the build process of a Taylor Wimpey home, and showcasing the features of the homes here at Calderwood, we hope that we’ve helped to bring their project to life. 

“This was also a really good opportunity for the children to learn about some of the processes that it takes to build a new home, and to see some construction activity at the development.“

Class teacher Miss Gibson, said: “Our children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Taylor Wimpey’s Calderwood development, asking lots of questions and learning about the building process. They also really enjoyed applying some of their learning so far about some of the features of construction that we still see today but actually came from the Romans.” 

Whilst the children were at the development, we took the opportunity to remind the children never to play near a building site and that a school visit was extra-special because normally there are no children allowed near any construction.