Pupils get history lesson after roundhouse discovery

Date: Wednesday 21 January 2015

Image 2  Iron Age discovery at Taylor Wimpeys Knights Walk development

Pupils from a school in Buntingford received a history lesson from a top archaeology practice after remains of an Iron Age roundhouse were discovered at our Knights Walk development in the town.

Children from Edwinstree Middle School, which is just a short walk away from Knights Walk, enjoyed a factual presentation from two members of Oxford Archaeology on Thursday 15th January.

The talk included information, photographs and a show and tell of some of the Iron Age finds that were discovered beneath the old allotment site of Hare Street.

The presentation was given by Oxford Archaeology outreach officer David Crawford-White and his colleague Graeme Clarke.

David says: “A middle Iron Age (c.300-100 BC) roundhouse and farmstead was found and near to the Iron Age house was a large ditched enclosure, where cattle would have been kept and we found a number of 'four post' structures for the storage and dispensing of fodder for the animals.

“The settlement continued to be lived in for several hundred years and into the later Iron Age when the inhabitants built a second large ditched enclosure in the north of the site, across what would once have been a small stream. This occupation lasted until the 1st century AD and the Roman invasion of Britain after which time the farmstead was abandoned.

“The Roman period saw the expansion of town life and the people living here may well have been incorporated into new towns and villages along the Roman road of Ermine Street. In this way the archaeological remains revealed at Hare Street Road has shed an interesting light onto the origins of Buntingford.”

We enjoy close links with Edwinstree Middle School, after a pupil won a competition to name Knights Walk.

Headteacher Julie Michael says: “It was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to have such an interesting presentation and it really brought history alive.

“We’re very pleased that David and Graeme took the time to show the children these exciting findings, and are delighted that Taylor Wimpey chose an entry by a pupil at our school to name this development.”

 Christine Scarborough, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey North Thames, says: “The findings at our Knights Walk development were really very exciting, and we’re glad the children could use this opportunity to learn something about the area they live in.

“We’re delighted that the team at Oxford Archaeology wanted to get involved in sharing the finds with Edwinstree Middle School, and are glad that Knights Walk is home to such a fantastic piece of history!”

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