Rachel names our new development in Wembury

Date: Wednesday 03 December 2014

Taylor Wimpey - Barton Brake - Naming Competition - Image 2

Naming a brand new homes development in Wembury, Devon, was child’s play for a local primary schoolgirl.

We challenged pupils from Wembury Primary School to come up with a name for its much-anticipated development in the village – and the suggestion by seven-year-old Rachel was picked as the winner!

Barton Brake is now the official name of the 40-home development, which will be located to the east of Leyford Close. ‘Barton’, an old term meaning farmyard, has been chosen because Barton Close is near to the school, while ‘Brake’ is a thicket of small trees and bushes.

Rachel says: “First I was thinking of Berry Hill so I asked my Mum and Dad and they said there wasn’t a hill on the estate where Taylor Wimpey were going to build. I spoke to my family and between us we thought of things around the area. Barton Close is near us and I just thought of breaking rocks with my friend so put ‘Barton’ and ‘breaking’ together. Then Daddy helped with the name Brake from my idea.

“I had lots of ideas but finally chose Barton Brake as this suits the estate better.”

Janine Copleston, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey, says: “Our development site is just down the road from the primary school and so we thought it would be a fantastic idea to ask the children there what they thought it should be called.

“There were lots of excellent names suggested, but we felt that Rachel’s really stood out, and it’s great to know that as she grows up, she’ll be able to point to the development and say ‘I named that’.

“We’d like to thank Rachel, her fellow pupils and the staff at Wembury Primary School for all of their help.”