Relocation for hundreds of slow worms and lizards

Date: Thursday 23 January 2014

TWSC - Maple Park - Melanistic lizard web

Hundreds of slow-worms and lizards are enjoying life in a new home after Taylor Wimpey relocated them to a nearby habitat in Liphook, Hampshire.

Around 350 slow-worms and 150 lizards have now been safely moved from the site of our new Maple Park development, off Canada Way in Liphook, so that building work can begin without posing them any threat.

We also donated £20,000 towards the future maintenance and management of their new habitat, on Lynchmere Common, to ensure that the site is kept in an ideal condition for its new residents.

Fiona Creed, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey, says: “As a responsible local housebuilder, we wanted to ensure that our plans for great new homes on this site did not cause any problems for the current inhabitants of the land.

“So we were more than happy to arrange the relocation of the slow-worms and lizards to Lynchmere Common. We have also made a donation to the Lynchmere Society so they can make sure the new habitat is kept at its very best.

“Now the slow-worms and lizards are in an ideal new location, work is beginning on the development at Maple Park, which will provide much-needed new homes for local people.”

As part of the relocation, we discovered an incredibly rare melanistic Common Lizard on the site. Melanism is a rare genetic defect which means the lizard’s skin is completely black.