Scarlett wins contest to name Rackenford Meadow

Date: Tuesday 29 July 2014

EX Heathcoat Primary school development naming competition web

When the children at Heathcoat Primary School in Tiverton were asked to don their thinking caps to come up with a name for our new development, they took their research very seriously.

Many of the pupils began reading about the Devonshire town’s history while others took to the internet for inspiration.

But it was 10-year-old Scarlett Owen’s suggestion which was chosen as the winning development name – thanks to her excellent knowledge of the local area.

Deputy Headteacher Demelza Higginson says: “The children were very excited to be asked to come up with some possible names for Taylor Wimpey’s new development in Tiverton. We offered it to the pupils as an activity to do at home and some were using the internet to find out different things about the area, while others already had good local knowledge.

“We had some quite interesting ideas put forward, including names inspired by the Heathcoat factory in the town. Scarlett told me she suggested Rackenford Meadow because the development is off Rackenford Road and it’s in Farleigh Meadow, so she really knew the area well.

“When we announced in assembly that Scarlett’s idea was the winner, she was a little bit embarrassed by all the attention but she was very pleased that her suggestion was chosen.”

Janine Copleston, Regional Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey, says: “We’d like to offer huge congratulations to Scarlett for coming up with the winning idea for our new Rackenford Meadow development and thank all of the children for their fantastic ideas – they’d clearly given it a huge amount of thought and they should all be very proud of their suggestions.”