Support for medical centre in Zambia

Date: Wednesday 17 February 2016

WEB Wimpey supports medical centre in Zambia

We’re extending our support overseas by contributing towards the build of a new medical centre in Zambia.

Our Yorkshire team is supporting the fundraising efforts of Build It International, a charity dedicated to transforming communities in Zambia, by funding the development of a brand new medical centre in the town of Kapiri Mposhi.

Amanda Parkinson, fundraiser for BGL Group, which is partnering with the charity, says: “We’re committed to reducing poverty and improving communities overseas. The current medical centre in the community of Kapiri Mposhi is extremely small and not fit for purpose, with just one qualified nurse and no private treatment rooms. The new clinic will offer modern consultation and treatment rooms that will help reduce chronic overcrowding and meet the needs of the community.”

Build It International will also provide 20 local people with the skills to work in construction by learning on-site from experienced trainers. They will also receive post-training support to help them find a job, enabling them to earn a living and provide for their families.

Anne Bagshaw, Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey Yorkshire, adds: “We were extremely touched when Amanda, a resident at our Pipers Green development, contacted us for support.

“We work with communities close to our developments, but to extend this around the world is fantastic. What’s more, supporting a project that trains young people in construction is something that we are very proud of. We wish everyone involved in the project the best of luck.”

Once completed, the clinic will receive support from the Ministry of Health, including trained staff, medical supplies and equipment to ensure the centre is fully equipped to meet the needs of the community.

Amanda concludes: “I would like to say a massive thank you to Taylor Wimpey for their generous donation.

“The cost of the medical centre is £180,000, so every single penny makes a difference. Their donation will help change the lives of people in Kapiri Mposhi forever, giving them access to quality healthcare that is much needed and deserved.”

There’s currently a range of three and four-bedroom homes available at Pipers Green.