Swindon football sponsorship gets the ball rolling

Date: Tuesday 30 June 2015

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Our team at Taylor Wimpey Bristol has donated to an up-and-coming adult football team based in Swindon to help fund equipment for their first official season. 

We have provided a cash donation of £250 to Haydon FC to contribute to the purchase of their new football kit. 

The recently-established team will begin their first season in September, sporting brand new electric green kits adorned with our logo. 

After playing the sport since he was 16, James Green (28) decided to organise an adult 11-a-side team along with his close friends to fulfil his teenage ambition.

James says: “We’ve all been playing football for a long time and I’ve been involved in weekly six-a-side friendly matches for over 10 years, so it’s always been a passion of mine to set up our own team. 

“We’ve had a great reaction to setting up the new team as 21 players are already signed on.”

James recently moved into a new home at our West Point at Ridgeway Farm development, which inspired him to approach us for support. 

He says: “My house is located on the same road as the showhomes and offices, so I thought it would be worth asking the staff to see whether Taylor Wimpey would like to help and because of the experience I’ve had with them they were kind enough to say yes!”

The team members also hosted a fundraising event to gain more donations for the purchase of their new kits, with an all-you-can-eat buffet evening which took place in May at an Indian restaurant in Swindon. 

James says: “A friend of mine, Jordan King, negotiated an arrangement with the owner, so he kindly agreed to let us hire out the restaurant to host the event. 60 people attended the event and we raised £480 which was a great success!” 

The Haydon team are hoping to commence training sessions in June to prepare for the weekly Sunday matches they are competing in for the Wiltshire League, which begins in September.

James adds: “We’re just a bunch of friends who have always wanted to play football, so when I told the rest of the team that Taylor Wimpey would be sponsoring us they were all really happy. Their sponsorship has been a real boost to us so we’d all like to say thank you.”

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