We are helping thousands of pupils walk to school safely

Date: Monday 06 October 2014

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We’re delighted to be working with schools across the UK in October to mark Walk to School Month.

Last year we teamed up with schools in England, Scotland and Wales to celebrate Walk to School Month, providing pupils with high-visibility slap bands to wear during the dark winter months.

Due to the success of last year’s campaign, we’re doing it all again in 2014, and so far we’ve sent out 8,250 slap bands to schools across the UK.

We’re hoping that by providing pupils with slap bands, parents will be more inclined to leave the car at home and walk their children to school.

Not only will the slap bands make the school run that bit safer, but by walking to school, families are able to easily increase their level of physical activity.

Walk to School Month is an annual nationwide campaign that promotes the benefits of walking to school, which results in healthier young people and less traffic on the roads.