We are proud to leave a lasting legacy in Paisley

Date: Thursday 25 October 2018

NEWS - TWWS - Paisley bulb planting

Staff at the ACCORD Hospice in Paisley have received a colourful boost as part of our national Proud campaign, which aims to show its commitment and pride in leaving a lasting legacy in the communities in which we build. 

As pre-construction works for our development at Hawkhead in Paisley gather pace, we have delivered eight stunning planters to add a burst of colour to each of the patios of the newly refurbished In-patient unit. Each beautiful planter will also have a further boost in spring when 400 bulbs will add an annual injection of colour.  

Alison McPhee, Sales Manager for our new development coming soon at Hawkhead Gardens, off Hawkhead Road, joined the ACCORD team as the planters were delivered, and she was also given the opportunity to visit the new IPU facility.  She said: “We are proud that we will soon be returning to Paisley to build a new community at our Hawkhead Gardens development.


“Our Proud spring bulb campaign is being rolled out at schools and community groups across the west of Scotland, and we were thrilled to have this opportunity to extend the project to include these lovely planters for the new patient patios at the ACCORD Hospice.  We hope that each one will add a burst of colour to the private outside space that’s been created for patients, their friends and families.”


David McFadden, ACCORD Hospice added: “It’s great to see a company like Taylor Wimpey think about the wider community while they are building in the local area, and leave something beautiful behind that will last for years to come.  We are delighted to be involved in this initiative from Taylor Wimpey, and we are looking forward to announcing our further partnership with them in the next few weeks.”