We make a donation towards Newton Leys defibrilator

Date: Thursday 28 February 2019

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Our South Midlands regional team is proud to have helped provide peace of mind to residents in Newton Leys by funding a defibrillator for use in medical emergencies. We made a £1,000 donation towards the life saving piece of equipment, which will be a permanent resource for the community. Whilst Newton Leys School was being built, we provided office space for 9 months to the core members of staff setting up the school. As a result, the teams became close and we  were eager to support the school. After hearing that the school were raising funds to provide a defibrillator for the school and the local community, the regional team offered to pay any outstanding costs.

Pippa Villa, Headteacher at Newton Leys Primary School, commented: “This defibrillator will save precious time in the case of any life-threatening heart issues. The first few minutes are absolutely crucial in situations involving the heart so I’d like to thank Taylor Wimpey for their generous donation in providing such a life-saving piece of equipment to our school.”

Fiona Lloyd, Associate Sales and Marketing Director at Taylor Wimpey South Midlands, said: “We feel it’s extremely important to invest in the communities in which we build our homes, so it was our pleasure to donate £1,000 towards the new defibrillator at Newton Leys Primary School. Heart issues can happen at any age and any time so it will be a comfort to both parents of students and teachers knowing that there is now a defibrillator at the school. I’d like to thank Newton Leys Primary School for inviting us to lend our support to such an important cause.”