Young artists bring wildlife to Chobham Manor

Date: Thursday 27 July 2017

TWEL - Chobham Manor - Artwork unveiling

Environmentally-minded schoolchildren with a flair for art have helped bring a fresh breath of the natural world to Chobham Manor – a joint venture between us and L&Q in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in east London.

The Rosetta Art Centre, a community initiative which aims to unlock creative talent in local people, teamed up with pupils from nearby Chobham Academy to design an art installation for display on hoardings at the development.

Their vibrant artwork has been chosen as a runner-up in this year’s Ivor Goodsite Hoarding Competition, which is run by the Considerate Constructors Scheme. 

Sarah McFadden, Programmes Officer at Rosetta Art Centre, says: “We were commissioned to deliver art projects at Chobham Manor, and our work with Chobham Academy forms a part of that.

“We wanted students to produce their artwork with an emphasis on wildlife. In Central London we don’t have a great deal of green space, so it’s very important to look after what little we do have, and this project was a means to get that message across.   

“The artwork the pupils have designed is absolutely fantastic – there are so many different types of birds all across the hoarding, as well as foxes, otters and other mammals. It’s all just so colourful and it is the perfect way to welcome visitors to the development.

“This is our first project with Chobham Academy, and we hope to continue the relationship with future collaborations.

The students behind the art installation, aged eight to 11 years old, were invited along with their families to an unveiling ceremony at Chobham Manor in June, where the hoarding was unveiled, and they will also receive prizes for their success in the hoarding competition. Their work and the prize-giving ceremony will also be showcased in the Hoarding Competition brochure.

“As the hoarding will be used at other developments over time, the pupils who participated in the project have contributed to something truly special,” Sarah continues. “They will be able to look back in years to come and feel a tremendous sense of pride for what they achieved.”

In addition to its work with Chobham Academy, Rosetta Art Centre is part of Our Living Art, Chobham Manor’s art strategy, and is continuing to offer Participatory Pottery Project workshops for local people at the development on every Saturday until 19th August.

Sarah adds: “The aim of the workshops is to engage people in art and break down barriers within the community. We have been doing this for more than 25 years now, and in that time we have made huge progress in getting people involved with their creative sides and we are determined to keep on doing so.”

Emily Gilchrist, Sales Manager for Taylor Wimpey East London, says: “I would like to say a huge thank you to the students of Chobham Academy for helping to bring some of the beauty of nature to Chobham Manor.

“The art installation looks absolutely fantastic and I’m sure both existing residents and prospective purchasers will absolutely love it!”

Maud Gambier-Ellis, Project Lead for Regeneration and Partnership at L&Q, adds: “The artwork created by the Chobham Academy children, with the assistance of artist Veronica Rowlands from Rosetta Arts Centre, is really striking! I’m sure it won’t go unnoticed by the families visiting the playground by Timber Lodge.

“The Chobham Manor art strategy was funded by Chobham Manor LLP as a way of helping to build the new community here, and the Our Living Art project is a key part of that. This special hoarding is an attractive and colourful addition to the neighbourhood.”

For more information about the Rosetta Art Centre or its Participatory Pottery Project at Chobham Manor, visit the website at or email [email protected].

You can register an interest now in the wonderful collection of new homes coming soon at Chobham Manor.