Acres Edge

Date: Tuesday 24 April 2012

“It was the quality of Taylor Wimpey’s properties which really impressed me and I really liked the location of the Acres Edge development. It’s within walking distance to the town centre which is really convenient, yet near the coast too, so it’s a lovely place to live. Plus to move in on my birthday was really special, it certainly made my day."

“I definitely couldn’t have bought without the help of the Local Homes for Local People discount. It opens up new hope for people who are struggling to get a deposit together. Due to the discount I only had to pay a fraction of what a normal deposit would have been.”

“This is such a cost effective option and I’d definitely recommend it to other people in the area who are keen to get onto the property ladder. Plus everyone at Taylor Wimpey has been really supportive, both with my move and they’re even sponsoring my charity trek in Borneo which I’m doing for Bowel Cancer Awareness.”