Berenice O Carroll takes advantage of special homebuyer incentives with Taylor Wimpey

Date: Friday 04 May 2012

“I’d had enough of renting and watching my money disappear down the drain every month, but thought that I couldn't afford to buy.

“At the time I was looking to purchase a property, mortgages for first-time buyers were very difficult to come by unless you had £25,000 or more sitting in your bank account for a deposit.

“At Taylor Wimpey’s Concept development in Red Lodge, Suffolk, however, I was able to take advantage of a special homebuyer incentive which meant I didn’t need to find a big deposit.

“My new home has all the space I need and it even works out cheaper each month than renting my much smaller flat!

“It’s just the right size for my boyfriend Tim and I – particularly as I work from home a lot of the time and need an extra room where I can shut the door and cut myself off from all the everyday distractions.”

Berenice O’Carroll, Concept resident