Buttercup Meadow NewBuy

Date: Thursday 18 October 2012

“After doing our research on the open housing market in Northampton, my partner Joanne and I realised we’d need a deposit of £20,000 to be able to buy a home – and despite having good jobs, it was going to be a massive struggle to scrape that sort of money together.

“But with NewBuy at Taylor Wimpey’s Buttercup Meadow development, we only needed a 5% deposit, which meant we could easily afford our first home together. We were surprised how smoothly the whole process went – and the speed of it – and we had good support all the way through from Taylor Wimpey.

“Living in our new home is bliss! As we’d both been used to living in flats, we wanted a proper house together – somewhere with stairs!

“Now we can comfortably accommodate Joanne’s family when they come to visit, and we can entertain them properly as we’ve got a good-sized kitchen and we’re not on top of each other like we would have been in my old flat.

“Having our own garden has also made a massive difference to our quality of life. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the last few weeks of summer there, soaking up the sunshine, whereas in my flat there was no outside space and you could feel a bit like you were cooped up.

“At Buttercup Meadow we’re just one road away from the open countryside, and we can see field upon field from our upstairs windows. It’s also very simple and quick to get to the M1 motorway and we’re also close to the A43 for me to get to work.

“We’re also not far from the Sixfields leisure park, with its supermarkets, shops and places to eat, so we’ve got everything we need nearby. Being a two-car household, it’s also great to have somewhere to park our cars, which can be a problem when you’re living in town.”

Justin Varney, Buttercup Meadow resident

For more information on how NewBuy could work for you, take a look at our video below.