Buying Off Plan Means Jean Now Has Her Dream Home At Diglis Water

Date: Monday 24 October 2011

I moved into my finished home here at Diglis Water in March this year and absolutely love it! Buying off plan was the best decision I made as it really feels like my home was designed specifically for me. I kept a close eye on the progression of the development and was always quite keen to live there, so waiting a little longer for my dream home was not a problem. I’m delighted with my stunning river views and as I got pick of the plots I have two fantastic balconies to enjoy them from.

It was a little daunting not being able to see the finished apartment before I bought it, but once I got my tape measure out and compared the dimensions to space I already had access to, it was very clear the apartment would be more than big enough for me.

One of my main priorities when looking for an apartment was having enough space for my furniture requirements. Buying off plan meant I was able to choose where the radiators would go, enabling me to fit my home to my furniture needs not the other way round. I also got to pick the colour of the tiles for my bathroom and the type of kitchen units I wanted. If I hadn’t had the time to think logically about which apartment met my criteria I could have ended up paying for more space than I needed. Buying off plan gives you time to really think about what you want – I would recommend it to anyone!

Jean Paskell, Diglis Water resident (Malvern Collection)