Carissma and Adam find their future proof home

Date: Thursday 22 February 2018

NEWS - TWEM - Carissma and Adam

After renting a small one-bed apartment amongst the hustle and bustle of Welwyn Garden City, Carissma and Adam decided to leave their city lifestyle and are now settling into their four-bedroom detached home on the outskirts of Leicestershire at Hastings Manor.

Opting for a new build was ideal for Carissma Griffiths, 28, and Adam Grant, 30, as they were First Time Buyers and could take advantage of the Help To Buy scheme. They were also interested in a home that could accommodate their hopes and dreams of starting a family in the future. The couple decided on the beautiful four-bedroom Harringworth housetype, which perfectly suited their needs.

When Adam accepted a job in Hugglescote a few months back, the couple began to look for homes in the area. Hastings Manor happened to be nearby his workplace and upon visiting the development and the showhome, the pair were certain that the Harringworth was their forever home.

Carissma, who works as an Area Sales Manager at a plumbing company, commented: “When Adam and I went to visit the development and the Harringworth showhome, we completely fell in love with everything. The location was great but the house was even better. The amount of bedrooms, spacious lounge and the beautiful kitchen just ticked all of the boxes for me.

“We would love to have a family in the future and this home allows us to prepare for that too. The Help To Buy Scheme meant we were able to afford a future-proof home that we can both grow into.”

The convenient location of Hastings Manor was another appealing factor for both Carissma and Adam as they work within a short distance from the development and have a much shorter commute than they did previously. The development is also within walking distance from local amenities such as convenience stores and small supermarkets and has great links to more developed areas such as Coalville, Leicester and Loughborough.