Couple Purchase A New Home The Easy Way Using NewBuy

Date: Thursday 13 December 2012

“We are delighted with our new home at Speakman Gardens, it’s in a perfect location for Tracy’s work and it’s a nice, peaceful area. The home-buying process was really easy and straightforward and helped further by the friendly, efficient staff."

“We bought the property off plan so we were able to see the process from start to finish and have pictures from every step of our home being built, which was really nice to see.”

“We tried to purchase a house 12 months ago, but the property needed a lot of work doing to it and it would have taken any spare money we needed for a deposit. With Taylor Wimpey, we only had to put down a five per cent deposit with the NewBuy scheme and the house didn’t need any modifications, only our personal touch.”

Andrew Crabb and Tracy Liptrot, Speakman Gardens

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