Daniel decides a new home is perfect for a proposal

Date: Thursday 02 February 2017

WEB TWSC - The Sidings - Proposal

“Katie didn’t have a clue. She was working the day before our appointment and I was off, so she just thought I’d been packing all day.

“I then told her I wanted to wear nice clothes to take pictures of our first new house at The Sidings and sign the contract and fortunately she agreed! When we arrived, the Taylor Wimpey staff were there as Katie was expecting.

“I knew the first room Katie would go in was the kitchen because she loves the kitchen so much. But when she opened the door to the lounge and saw all the balloons and the Cornish flag she realised what was going on. I explained to her how much I love her and went down on my knee to pop the question and without hesitation she said ‘yes’!

“The prices at The Sidings fit our budget and the location was just perfect. We felt this place was somewhere we wanted to live. We both fell in love with the drawing of the house and know we will stay here for a long time. We particularly like the kitchen because it is so new and open.”

“Because of our deafness we were worried about communication, but Taylor Wimpey were very helpful and it was stress free! I’d like to thank Taylor Wimpey for everything they have done.”

Daniel Wheeler, homebuyer at The Sidings