Easy Start It s in the name

Date: Wednesday 12 September 2012

My partner Clare McVey and I moved into our dream home in April on Taylor Wimpey’s Nightingale Gardens development in Swinton, thanks to the house builders innovative Shared Equity Easy Start Scheme.

Prior to the move I only lived a couple of minutes from the Nightingale Gardens development, and I have been stunned by the simplicity of the move. Having known about the site from day one, it was always our intention to look at homes here. However, when we started looking at the traditional options including available mortgages, it all seemed a bit overwhelming. Taylor Wimpey’s Easy Start Scheme was so much simpler to get our heads around and without it; we wouldn’t be in a home like we are now, as a large deposit was out of the question.

Clare and I didn’t even view a show home at the Nightingale Gardens development, which is part of Taylor Wimpey Manchester. We had already visited the Hayes Green development in Cadishead and felt Taylor Wimpey’s reputation spoke for itself. Everything just fell into place. The houses looked beautiful, the scheme was simple and effective, and the customer service has been wonderful.

The best thing about the process is that even with just a five per cent deposit, the house was ours from day one. Sue Wareing, the sales executive for Nightingale Gardens, made the process particularly stress free. As first time buyers the Easy Start scheme helped us so much, it really does make a world of difference. I’d definitely recommend anyone struggling to raise a large deposit to take advantage of it.