Enjoying the countryside at Dean Acre

Date: Wednesday 19 September 2012

“When we first started looking for a home I really wasn’t keen on looking in Cleeve. It was a much longer commute than I had been used to and it was a real countryside location and we lived in the town. I didn’t think it was what I wanted.”

“But we realised what we could get for our money at Deans Acre and it’s in a lovely area - and as Kirstie grew up in the country in Cheshire she loved it straight away. We now have a great view across the countryside so she’s really happy.”

“We have been so impressed with the sales advisers. They were outstanding when helping us to move here and they are still helping us now we’ve moved in. Overall the service has been excellent.”

“We’re saving up now for some new furniture and we’re really excited about starting work on the garden. We lived in a flat before so it’s lovely to be able to have the outside space. We’ve got lots of room for family and friends to come and stay and in the future think about starting our own family here.”

Lewis Brooks and Kirstie Wallace, Deans Acre residents