Family jumps up the property ladder in Stewarton

Date: Tuesday 11 August 2015

WS - Abigail Reid and Graeme Kidd2 - WEB

"When our son Jamie was born we knew that at some point we would want and need to move up the property ladder from our two-bedroom mid-terrace home that we owned in Stewarton.

"We checked out some properties in Kilmarnock but we really wanted to stay in Stewarton because it's got so much for families – we knew this was the perfect place for us to establish our new family home.

"We're really spoilt in Stewarton! There's just so much going in the community that you can get involved in – the local sports centre is really family friendly and it's packed full of options to keep you busy. 

"The town has a fantastic reputation for great schools, and it's a really friendly place where it's easy to make friends because you'll almost always find families that are at the same stage as you.

"Annick Gardens is so friendly and since we moved into our new four-bedroom detached ‘Douglas’ in April this year, we've already made lots of friends and we all go to similar baby and toddler groups and catch up for a friendly cuppa whenever we can – it's really lovely.

"We get the best of all worlds here. Stewarton itself is a lovely bustling town but the development sits on the outskirts surrounded by lovely trees so it’s really quiet. But if we want to get to Glasgow we just have a short 25 minute drive or we can get the train – plus we've both got a really easy commute to work.

"We really love our new house. It's a great size, and the layout really works for us, and we are enjoying the first of many family 'firsts' here with Jamie practising his walking in our lovely big hall!

"We love the fact that it's a new house with no DIY! We've got a busy family life so when we were looking to move the attraction of a new house with everything already done for you, everything new and no DIY was really a winner.

“We have to thank Taylor Wimpey for their assistance with our move. The Sales Executive Carol was fantastic in explaining what schemes we could access to help with our move, and Taylor Wimpey’s easymover scheme was brilliant because they made all the arrangements for our old property to go on the market. It meant that we could sit back and look forward to our move, plus our house sold really quickly so it was just a really simple and straightforward process.”

Abigail Reid and Graeme Kidd, residents at Annick Gardens