Family loves spacious new home in Oldbury

Date: Friday 28 January 2011

“As soon as we saw the Beresford Grove housing development in Oldbury, we knew it was ideal – even though none of the new homes had even been built at that stage.

“Previously, we had lived in a penthouse apartment in Bromsgrove but we wanted to move to a larger home because of our young son, and so that we could be closer to my family.

“The property we chose was exactly what we were looking for and we reserved it more or less on the spot. There’s so much space and the location is perfect, with fantastic road, rail and bus links on the doorstep so it’s easy to get into Birmingham, to see the family and to travel to pretty much anywhere we want.

“There’s so much happening here at the development and it’s quite interesting to see everything developing around us.

“The guys on the site are absolutely fantastic and even though there’s a lot of work going on, they make sure disruption is kept to a minimum. We’re really happy in our new home and delighted with how everything has worked out.”

Bev Murphy, Beresford Grove resident