Family stamp their personalities on their new home

Date: Tuesday 05 August 2014

SM Billington Grove - Miles testimonial web

“We asked the Sales Executive Karen if we could lay bricks with our names on them in the walls of our new home and it just went from there. One of the bricks has mine and my husband Gary’s name on and the other has our daughters Chelsie and Kaylie’s names, and Chelsie’s boyfriend Sean’s name, on it. 

“Both Karen and Liam, the Site Manager, are brilliant and have done everything possible they can to help us throughout the whole process.

“We’ve been renting a house close by since February, so we’ve been able to watch our home being built. We walk round there every day to see it as it progresses.

“We like the fact that the ‘Lavender’ is detached, and we’ve been able to afford somewhere that’s so much bigger than our last place. It’s got a garage and a driveway and a garden which is just the right size for us. It’s just what we wanted.

“I’m looking forward to having our own home, with our personal touches. It’s all very exciting.”

Johanna and Gary Miles, Billington Grove residents