First Grenfell Park residents move into their home

Date: Wednesday 12 February 2014

Grenfell Park - Reynolds Case Study 1

“We were living with my parents after four prospective house purchases fell through, and we thought it would be an interim move, but it ended up being a year. It’s lovely to have our own place now, because although it was great we could move in with my parents, you do miss your own space.

“I love the house, even more than I’d envisaged. I’d never bought off-plan before and I was trying to visualise everything in my head. 

“Then when we did get to see the house it was amazing. We walked in to see everything we had chosen and it was all perfect and just to our taste. It was such a wonderful surprise.

“And when we actually moved in, we didn’t have the stress or worry of what DIY project to do first, which is great when you have a small child. The only thing we had to worry about was where to put our pictures!

“I’m overwhelmed by the size of the garden. And we have parking right outside the front door, which is so convenient.

“It’s very quiet here, which we like. The development is quite secluded and private and it’s very green and nicely landscaped.

“We’re just round the corner from my parents, and we’re also close to the Jubilee River, nice pubs and schools, and the supermarket, plus there’s great access to the motorway.”

Siobhan and Mark Reynolds, Grenfell Park residents