First time buyers fall in love with Milton Keynes community

Date: Thursday 20 May 2021

TWNT Oakbrook Case Study

A number of first time buyers have recently purchased their first homes at our Oakbrook development in Milton Keynes, and they couldn’t be happier with their decision to settle in the new community. 

Alice and her partner, Jordan, made the move after deciding that they were ready to purchase their first home together in a location that was close to both their families and their places of work. The couple chose an Ashton G home, set over three stories with three spacious bedrooms. They were impressed with how quickly they were able to move into their new home and start living the lifestyle they’d dreamed of. 

Alice said: “We really wanted to be the first people who lived in our home, so a new build property was the most logical choice - we love living in a space that we have truly made our own. One thing we like particularly about Oakbrook is the sense of community; we’re surrounded by friendly people and we feel like we fit right in.”

Jordan added: “We’re really pleased with our home and the purchasing process was so easy. The sales team made us feel incredibly valued and were on hand with any queries we had, no matter how small. We’d recommend Taylor Wimpey to anyone looking for a new build home.”

George also recently purchased a new home at Oakbrook with his partner, Isabella. The couple already lived in Newton Leys and knew they wanted to stay there when searching for their first home. After reserving a three-story Crofton G property, the couple have been enjoying life in a larger home while remaining in Newton Leys. 

George said: “We knew we wanted to stay in Newton Leys as it’s such a gorgeous place to live, but we also knew we wanted to make the move from our two-bed apartment to a much bigger home. We couldn’t ask for more with the Crofton G, which gives us all the space we need within the community we adore.”

Isabella added: “Newton Leys is a fantastic place for anyone, there are lots of helpful and kind people around so it makes it feel a little less daunting when making that transition to homeownership. We own two dogs, and we also found that there are a lot of other dog owners at Oakbrook to meet up and socialise with, so George, myself and the dogs have all made new friends!”