FirstBuy helps Ricky and Stacey afford their dream home at Bridgefield in Ashford

Date: Monday 30 January 2012

"I’d moved back to my parents from a rented property to save the money to build up a deposit. We were looking all around but we didn’t think we had saved enough. Then Stacey saw Bridgefield and the rest as they say is history.

"To be honest I was beginning to believe what older people were saying, that it was now impossible to make that first step on the property ladder. But we realised that what Taylor Wimpey was offering with FirstBuy meant we could afford it. This was the first step we needed and it took off from there. We didn’t look anywhere else.

"It’s a massive house for us and it has a great location straight in front of you as you drive into the close. We really liked the layout of the ‘Woodstock’, with the third bedroom for Maddie and the big kitchen/dining room, which is ideal for our dog. The French doors from the living room and the kitchen will be great in the summer, as we can have them open and get straight into the garden. I just love the space in the place.

"We like the fact there’s going to be a park for Maddie and sports facilities at the development. It’s a place for everyone, and up the road there’s a path along the stream which is ideal for going for walks with the dog. It’s a great lifestyle."

Ricky Chapman & Stacey Harbige, Bridgefield residents