Friends Donna and Susan recognise the instant appeal of Greenacres Stotfold

Date: Tuesday 01 March 2011

Donna: “When I was looking for a new home and I came to look at the four-bedroom ‘Stafford’ showhome at Greenacres in Stotfold, I thought it was ‘really me’, and so I invited my friend Susan to take a look too. Fortunately she also recognised the development’s instant appeal.

"We both felt Greenacres is very peaceful and has a good community feel, plus for me it’s only a seven minute drive to work – which is divine!”

Susan: “The style of the home I chose at Greenacres – and the proximity of the development to my children’s schools in Hitchin and Letchworth – really suits our lifestyle.

"They like to have their own space, and with the choice of the kitchen and a living room on the ground floor, and the extra lounge on the middle floor, they can keep their distance from each other when they want to!

"I also felt we were getting really good value for money for the extra space this style of house offers.

"We can just about see each other’s houses – and so if one of us waves with a bottle of wine that’s our invitation to pop round!”

Donna Lodge and Susan Marquiss, Greenacres residents