Greenlaw Mill in Penicuik ticks all the boxes for one happy family

Date: Monday 05 November 2018


Starting a family often signals a desire to move a bigger home, and that is exactly why one happy family relocated from Taylor Wimpey’s Cameron Gardens development in Bilston, to its new Greenlaw Mill development in Penicuik just ahead of the safe arrival of their baby daughter.

A few years ago, Vinca Russell and her husband Paul bought their first home from Taylor Wimpey at Cameron Gardens and they were very happy with their house, the location and their neighbours.  Learning that Vinca was pregnant meant the couple felt they needed more space to accommodate the needs of their new family member.  The couple were keen to maximise their budget, and while they did look at other developers, Taylor Wimpey was able to offer their next perfect home in an ideal location. 

“We really loved our home at Cameron Gardens and we had no plans to move,” explains Vinca.  “When I discovered that I was pregnant, Paul and I knew that we wanted to move to a larger property, but ideally it still had to be in the local Midlothian area because it ticks so many boxes for us.  Midlothian is very convenient if you want to get into Edinburgh.  It means that I have an easy commute to work in Livingston and there’s just so much to do on your doorstep.  We love it. 

“We did look at a number of developments, but everything just clicked into place when we discovered that Taylor Wimpey was building new homes in Penicuik, just an eight minute drive from Bilston.  We found a four bedroom family home that we felt would suit us perfectly and the moving in date was at just the right time to let us get settled before our daughter arrived.”

The couple were able to take advantage of Taylor Wimpey’s Part Exchange service, which offers prospective homeowners the opportunity to secure a guaranteed buyer for their existing property by agreeing an offer price based on two independent valuations.  Using part exchange also means that buyers have no estate agents fee to worry about, and there is no property chain to break down so they can stay in their existing property until their new home is ready for them to move in to.

Using part exchange offered the couple a stress-free move as Vinca adds: “Using PX was great for us and we couldn’t have made the move when we did without it.  Once we had found the family home that we wanted to buy, we left the property discussions to the team at Greenlaw Mill and all we had to worry about was what to do if the baby decided to make an appearance on moving day! Taylor Wimpey’s part exchange scheme was fair, transparent and the team made sure that everything progressed smoothly and that we had nothing to worry about. 

“Their service was excellent and I really felt they went the extra mile for us.  When we moved into our new home in Penicuik, I was 37 weeks pregnant with my daughter Elspeth and everyone was really helpful.”