Heathley Chase in Milton Keynes Helped us Sell our Home

Date: Tuesday 12 July 2011

“Taylor Wimpey’s Heathley Chase development is located right next to the Grand Union Canal in Milton Keynes, and my wife Kathy and I happened to pass by while we were on our narrowboat one day.

“We were very intrigued by what we saw. We have always liked that part of Milton Keynes and so we moored up and went to have a closer look.

“We were greeted so warmly when we arrived and the sales staff were so keen to help us, and this immediately gave us a positive feeling about the place.

“We had previously seen quite a few new developments where the homes were quite small and cramped, but Heathley Chase was noticeably different, we were impressed by how spacious the properties were, and how spacious the area was.

“Taylor Wimpey helped us to sell our old home through their easymover scheme, and I have never known a system that works so well – the whole process was an absolute doddle.

“When we agreed to sign up for easymover, we thought it might be better to wait before they put our home on the market because we were about to go on holiday.

“But when we got back, there was a message on our answerphone saying that someone might be interested and a few days later we had accepted an offer! Taylor Wimpey and their appointed selling agents were absolutely fantastic and helped our move to go really smoothly – in fact it was almost like a dream!

“We’re so grateful to everyone at Taylor Wimpey, particularly the sales staff and building staff, who have been really helpful all the way through the purchasing process.”

Nigel Beaven, Heathley Chase resident